[Nandroid Backup] [24.11.14] Soak Test Moto G 3rd Gen To Android 6.0 Stock Marshmallow for Rooted Users

Note: This is a nandroid backed up from a US 2gb/16gb xt1540.

For Rooted Users:

Download Link : Google Drive

How to install:

  • Extract the .tar.gz archive 
  • copy the folder to the directory where your other TWRP nandroids are on your internal storage or sd card (TWRP/BACKUPS/ZZY222____/) in here you will see folders with dates, times, rom names and info, etc in the folder names…copy the folder you extracted to this directory.
  • boot to TWRP
  • restore this backup
  • wipe userdata
  • reboot

This Guide didn’t work for you? Try this one [Stock soak test]

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