[Unbrick][Updated 2016][LP] How To Repair and Recover from Hard bricked Moto G 1st gen – 3rd Guide

———————–Lollipop Hardbricked Unbrick Guide——————-

If you hard bricked after the 4.4.4 upgrade and your device looks dead and it’s only recognized by pc as “qhsusb_bulk” this is the right place for you. This procedure has been tested with Win7 on Moto G XT1032 and should be fine for every model.

You will need:

    If your Moto G is recognized as “Qualcomm HS-USB QLoader 9008” jump to step 11.

    1. Extract Riff BOX drivers into a folder (you will find both 32bit and 64bit versions).
    2. Open dseo13b.exe and choose “Sign a System File”
    3. Follow the program instructions and write manually the path of qcusbser.sys
    4. The program will ask a reboot.
    5. While starting reboot press F8 until you get some voices, then choice “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” (otherwise try some tricks from here
    6. Click Windows Start button and write “devmgmt.msc” without quotes
    7. From Device Manager window go on “qhsusb_bulk” (if not shown unplug and plug again your Moto G or long press the power button)
    8. Choose “Update Driver Software”
    9. Choose the manually way and put the path of your previously extracted and signed drivers.
    10. Your Moto G is now recognized as “Qualcomm HS-USB QLoader 9008” under Ports (COM & LPT).
    11. Don’t disconnect the phone from PC
    12. Extract the blankflash zip into the Desktop
    13. Enter into the blankflash folder and double click on the bat file
    14. Device unbricked!
    15. Let your phone on charge at least for 2 hours on pc, not on wall charger (until you see battery ok instead “low battery”)
    16. Extract the rom downloaded previously into a folder that you will protect as your life
    17. Put the Flash5.1 bat file (Included into the Flash5.1 Zip downloaded) and mfastboot files into Rom Folder
    18. (Optional) Replace logo.bin into Rom Folder within the one on Bootlogo.zip
    19. After 2 hours try a reboot (cmd -> mfastboot reboot) and check if it’s okay, the battery; otherwise wait another hour.
    20. When your phone shows battery as “okay”, you can continue
    21. Go into rom folder
    22. Double click on flash5.1.bat
    23. Press enter when phone complete the reboot on bootloader mode
    24. Wait while cmd do the tasks!
    25. Press enter (again) when asked
    26. Choice with volume up “normal boot”
    27. Enjoy your Moto G 2013 Back to life!

    If anyone is not able to connect as Moto Mfastboot mode driver and your battery is not charging through USB as told in guide, this may help.
    1. Start up the device manager. Uninstall any UNKNOWN Moto devices.
    2. Remove the device cable and Uninstall Motorola Driver software.
    3. Restart the PC in normal mode and reinstall the Moto Driver suite.
    4. Hold the down volume and connect the cable. Now Windows should install it and your phone will start charging.
    Go ahead with the flash.

    Note: If you get a bootloop, go back into bootloader mode with phone connected at pc and use again the bat file 

    Firmware Download: 

    This Guide Didn’t work for you, here is the Guide 1 LINK

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