[Unbrick] How To Unbrick and Repair Motorola Droid Turbo Guide

There are a few types state of brick of the phone. Let’s review two of them:
1. “Softbrick” – the state when the system is not booting, but the PC recognizes the phone as “ADB Device” and the phone can boot to bootloader mode. This state is like a baby’s runny nose and can be healed by the simple reflash using RSDLite (the tool avaliable for everybody), or by reflashing the parts of firmware via fastboot.
2. ‘Hardbrick’ – the hard case that needs a lot of work and knowledge. Sometimes hardware intervention needed in order to fix the phone (test-point contacts closure, battery disconnection, etc). Sometimes the phone could not be repaired without motherboard replacement.
We’ll review the phone recovery after the second type of bricking.
The phone in “hardbrick” state is recognized by PC as:
– “Unknown device”. In this case you need to install the Qualcomm USB drivers on PC by hands from the attached file “Qualcomm_USB_Drivers.7z” (download it and unpack to any path you want). The phone will be recognized by PC as “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9008” device after the driver’s installation. Sometimes it is needed to disconnect the phone and to hold the power button during 20-30 seconds to recognize the phone.
– “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9008” (nothing happens when you press the buttons on the phone). No needed installation driver’s in this case.
The PC will see your phone as shown on picture.

Then the wonderful utility “TURBO-UNBRICK” comes to the rescue. This is a small program but it makes a great job.
Unpack the archive that includes the utility, connect the phone to PC and run “go” file. And you will observe that your brick will become alive! You will see the next picture at your revived phone’s screen:

It’s almost a win but you need to make some more actions.
Put the files gpt.bin, radio.img, bootloader.img (also attached), to the “C:adb” folder on your PC and run the next commands in the command line:

fastboot flash partition gpt.bin
fastboot flash radio radio.img
fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img
fastboot reboot

Now you can enjoy! Your friend is alive and greets you by its bootanimation. In that case when you’ve broken the firmware and the phone is not booting after the bootanimation, you need reboot in bootloader and reflash the firmware by RSDLite.

Android 4.4.4
Link to download the attached files

Android 5.1
Link to download the attached files

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