[Fix] How to solve Moto E 1st Gen Restart Issue.

The phone suddenly restarts on pressing power button. The reboot issue in first Moto E is seen in many cases. In fact, the people reporting this issue are increasing in number.

The issue is generally seen when the screen is

1. locked or unlocked at any time.
2. Frequently Locked and Unlocked
3. Simply Unlocking from pattern lock

4. Locking

Q. So we guess issue is in software? No , many users tried to flash stock ROM , custom ROMs , a wide range of kernels , but the solution still seems to exists.

A. Thus  the problem is definitely in hardware. Solution is to prevent the use of power key, which locks and unlocks the phone.

How to Prevent use of power key?

Solution 1: 

  • Use Power button to volume button  : Playstore
  • Screen Shots:

  • Tap on enable/disable volume power.
  • Enable both the options.
  • Reboot.
  • Press volume button to wake and unlock phone and turn of the screen from status bar to lock the phone.
Solution 2:

  • Root your phone 
  • Install Elemental Kernel or any other which supports double tap to wake (d2w) [To Unlock]
  • Install xposed kernel
  • Download Gravitybox
  • Enable double tap on status bar to sleep [To Lock] 

Solution 3:

  •  Gravity Screen App (Suggested by user @shrikanthh ) 

Solution 4: 

  • Install Offcial Cyanogenmod 12 
  • Unlock: In Settings>Buttons>Wake up devices 
  • Lock: Use double tap status bar to sleep in Settings>display and light (suggested by @Adarsh1998 )

Solution 5: 

  • Intall Xposed Additions module
  • Unlock: Remap buttons i.e. volume button must work as power button
  • Lock : Use Power toggles from playstore.

I personally use solution 5 as it is the most power efficient option.

Hence, there will be no use of power button if any of the above solution is applied.

Is the reboot issue gone?  For my Moto E , it is.
Do comment and reply.

Source: XDA

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