[Tutorial] How to unbrick hardbricked Moto X 1st gen after Downgrade

When you connect phone to the PC, you end up with a device with the named “QHSUSB_DLOAD” without a driver. For solving that, follow the guide.


  • Moto X Drivers Installed
  • Adb and fastboot files set up
  • Riffbox JTAG Drivers (link below)
  • Sign-Driver Tool (link below)
  • Moto X blankflash tools(link below)

Procedure Part 1: Installing Driver
  1. First of all you cannot install the driver as it is not signed.. Now we gotta use a bypass tool “dseo13b”
  2. Extract the “Riffbox_Drivers”.
  3. Now run the dseo13b.exe and follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Now choose “Sign a System File” and when prompted for a .sys file navigate to the place where you extracted the drivers and then select “qcusbser.sys” then go back, Enable Test Mode as well and restart your PC.
  5. Plug your phone first.
  6. Right click on “my computer”
  7. Choose “properties” and “device manager” (may vary on different windows OS)
  8. Right click on the device and click “properties”.
  9. Choose the device with the name “QHSUSB_DLOAD” and click “update driver”
  10. Select manually install the driver, and search the direction when you extracted the Riffbox driver.
Now under Ports in Device Manager you will find a port called Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM – The com port number which will vary but its important to know)

Procedure Part 2: Flashing the blank bootloader

  1. Now extract the file “blankflash.zip” in C:
  2. Open up a Command Prompt and Navigate to the extracted location “cd C:blankflash” or anywhere where u extracted it.
  3. Now run “qflash.exe -com(PORT NUMBER) -ramload MPRG8960.hex -mbn 33 MSM8960_bootloader_singleimage.bin -v -o” now where it says PORT NUMBER you have to replace it with the PORT number of Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 PORT as you can see from the code below mine was COM10 and then the Magic Happens and you will see something like 
C:Android>qflash.exe -com10 -ramload MPRG8960.hex -mbn 33 MSM8960_bootloader_si
ngleimage.bin -v -o
Motorola qflash Utility version 1.3
type is 0x21
7 mbn file name MSM8960_bootloader_singleimage.bin type 33
verbose mode on
Motorola qflash dll version 1.6
Version : 0x8
Min Version : 0x1
Max Write Size: 0x600
Model : 0x90
Device Size : 0
Description : Intel 28F400BX-TL or Intel 28F400BV-TL
Using passed in packet size, changing from 0x600 -> 0x600

Write 65536 bytes @ 0x2a000000

Write 11840 bytes @ 0x2a010000
Sleeping for 3s
cmd : 0x2
description : QCOM fast download protocol targ
version_number : 0x7
compatible_version: 0x2
max_block_size : 0x400
flash_base_address: 0x0
flash_id_len : 0x4
flash id : eMMC
window_size : 0x1e
number_of_sectors : 0x80
sdl_send_security_mode: secutiry mode 0x0
Flashing MSM8960_bootloader_singleimage.bin 1969664 bytes into device
Keeping the first packet (1024 bytes) as hostage
Will release it if all is flashed well
Hostage released!



If everything went well your phone should come to the FASTBOOT!! Now flash the phone normally.

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